Terima Kasih Terima Kasih

‘Thank you.’ That is what the Indonesian words Terima Kasih mean. It’s a brand name that expresses our gratitude to the buyers of our products. Because they are supporting the local population in the impoverished production countries. And because they are buying a product that has been manufactured responsibly.


Terima Kasih has grown into a brand name for sustainable products. Such as the range of rattan baskets from Van der Sar Import, for which we are the world’s only manufacturer using certified rattan. Baskets made of other materials are also sold under this brand name. They may not be certified yet, but they have been strictly selected by us on the basis of their low footprint. We also visit the production facilities ourselves regularly. Only when that footprint and those working conditions have our approval will the products be given the Terima Kasih label.

With Terima Kasih, Van der Sar Import wants to be more than just a manufacturer. We want to mean something to the world. A good example is our rattan production. The intensive harvesting of rattan – as has happened for decades – is wiping out the rainforest in a country like Indonesia.  The country is the world’s most important producer of rattan – and rainforests are the planet’s lungs.

That is why we have made agreements with the local population: the rattan is harvested in a controlled way so that it has time to regrow. The harvesters receive a considerably higher payment for this than is customary in the region, and the guarantee that they will have work all year round. In this way we are already managing some 80 hectares of jungle in a responsible manner. We hope to be an example for others.

For more information please visit the Terima Kasih website. Thank you!

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