About our company Improving the world from the Westland

Van der Sar Import is based in De Lier, municipality of Westland (NL). This is the world’s largest continuous area of greenhouse horticulture. it’s not just vegetables and flowers that grow here – ideas for doing business more sustainably also flourish in the Westland.


The story of Van der Sar Import starts at the beginning of this century. Gerard van der Sar, who at that point was still known as a plant exporter, came into contact with ceramic pots. Rattan baskets followed later. His interest was triggered. He was not new to getting involved with social initiatives. That is why Gerard closed down the activities of the plant export business in the 2010.

Own rattan factory

He decided to focus entirely on supplying rattan baskets and ceramic pots that fit grower pots. In 2010 he started importing rattan products from Indonesia. Rattan is harvested in the rainforests of Kalimantan and Sulawesi in order to be transformed into baskets in the factory on Java. To do this, the company works closely with local inhabitants who now sustainably manage an area of 80 hectares in the rainforest. Four years later he took over production himself on Java. Van der Sar Import opened its own rattan factory. It employs around 80 people in good working conditions. They produce rattan baskets under the Terima Kasih brand name.

90% of all the world’s rattan grows in Indonesia. Rattan grows in the rainforest there. However, the speed at which the plant grows – 12 metres per year – is in contrast to the speed at which the locals cut down rattan.

We had already been harvesting sustainably for a number of years when we decided to seek certification in 2018. So Van der Sar Import decided to work towards a certified production process from 2018, which ultimately took four years. The production facility in Indonesia was also updated in 2022.

Range of ceramic pots

Van der Sar Import also offers a complete range of ceramic pots. The range is structured thematically with two new lines every year. Baskets made of new natural materials now also form part of the range: seagrass, jute, palm leaves and banana leaves, all under the Terima Kasih brand name.

Baskets and ceramic pots are only supplied in full pallets. This allows Van der Sar Import to operate efficiently and keep costs down. Buyers include growers, wholesalers, interior landscapers, supermarkets and garden centre chains.

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About our approach

We do not confine sustainability to our range. We also want to operate responsibly in our business activities.


About our certificates

We are the only company in the world to have succeeded in having the rattan production process certified.