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We work with our own designers and with our own production lines. Matched perfectly to the latest trends in (interiors) fashion and colour.


TC Concept

Want to sell our baskets in your own garden centre? Get off to a flying start with the merchandising plan from Van der Sar Import. You have the assurance of a balanced range, an eye-catching display and a profitable business model.

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Terima Kasih

‘Thank you.’ That is what the Indonesian words Terima Kasih mean. It’s a brand name that expresses our gratitude to the buyers of our products. Because they are supporting the local population in the impoverished production countries. And because they are buying a product that has been manufactured responsibly.

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Very Potter

Very Potter is a series of flowerpots that are Very beautiful and Very fun to receive! A Very Potter pot is a Very good idea for everyone!

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Score impact on a large scale with XXL

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