Pots aNd baskeTs you caNnot find anywhere Else

Looking for pots and baskets with an exclusive edge? Or that offer sustainability? We’ve got them. A showroom full of them!

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Baskets and cEramic pots in alL shapes aNd sizes

Looking for baskets that are guaranteed to fit the grower pot? Or for pots that can be either on-trend or utterly timeless?

Find it in the showroom

Van der Sar Import offers a complete range of baskets and pots. Surprising and distinctive. The sustainable production process for our rattan baskets is the only one in the world to be certified. Explore it all at our welcoming showroom.

Terima Kasih

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We prefer to develop and sell products that have minimal impact on nature. You can recognise these eco-friendly products by the brand name Terima Kasih. Read more about the brand and how our products are made sustainably on the Terima Kasih consumer website.

Search the raNge

Search the raNge

A pot or basket from Van der Sar Import makes your plants look even better. Available in sustainable rattan, natural jute and seagrass, or trusted ceramic.

Our range can be summed up in one word: unique. A lot of what we sell is not available anywhere else. Such as the baskets made of natural materials: rattan, jute and seagrass. We make those to our own specifications at our own production facilities. Each with an equally unique selling point: grower pots always fit perfectly in our pots and baskets.

Also in ceramic
The same applies for the range of ceramic pots. We work with our own designers and with our own production lines. That means that our showroom offers you a range that is not on sale anywhere else. Matched perfectly to the latest trends in (interiors) fashion and colour. The handy division by themes allows you to choose quickly. Or visit our showroom for the optimum experience.

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Towards a 100% suStainable orgaNisation

With Van der Sar Import we want to show that sustainability can also be commercially appealing. We are not yet a 100% sustainable organisation. But we are progressing along that path step by step. Our collection of sustainable rattan baskets is already certified. Other baskets are made of natural materials such as seagrass and jute, or from recycled fabrics. We are also striving for environmental gains in our ceramic production.

Consumers are increasingly asking: has a product been produced responsibly and safely? Farsighted businesses are already responding to that question. Van der Sar Import prioritises sustainability in its range policy. Whilst retaining the efficiency and service that you would expect from an ambitious supplier.


How are we doing this?

Responsible buying

Manufacturing has an environmental impact. We want to reduce that impact where possible. Whether it’s rattan or ceramic, it can always be done more sustainably.

Certifying rattan

A world first, and the result of four years of investment: since the start of 2022 we have been able to declare ourselves the world’s only supplier of sustainably produced rattan baskets. We received a certificate for this from the Indonesian NTFP on 8 March 2022.

Making business activities sustainable

From the company cars to our choice of bank: we only choose products and services that are sustainable. Or at least have the smallest impact on the environment.

Looking for new materials

We work with renewable raw materials, recycled fabrics and waste from the clothing industry. And for the production of our baskets we continue to search for other materials with minimal environmental impact.