TC Concept Unique merchandising plan makes sustainability commercially interesting

Want to sell our baskets in your own garden centre? Get off to a flying start with the merchandising plan from Van der Sar Import. You have the assurance of a balanced range, an eye-catching display and a profitable business model.

Visual Terima Kasih shelf plan - Van der Sar Import V 1.1

GC merchandising plan

The GC merchandising plan was launched in response to the growing demand for our sustainably produced baskets. If we want to tell consumers our sustainable story, a nice label on the basket is not enough. With this beautiful display your customers can spot the concept from a distance in-store.

Terima Kasih

We have been selling our sustainable products under the Terima Kasih brand name since 2018. Terima Kasih means ‘thank you’ in Indonesian. We are thanking customers for buying a sustainable product and helping to protect the rainforest. For more information, please visit our consumer website www.terima-kasih.en (nine languages).

Modular design

The GC merchandising plan has a modular design with ‘series’. We have developed modules A, B and C, which are 10, 7 and 5 metres long respectively. Module C ( the smallest) mainly features the ‘bread and butter’ items. Modules A and B have a slightly more unusual but still fairly risk-free items in the range.

The benefits of the GC merchandising plan

  • The shelving means that valuable space is used very efficiently. Not only in terms of width, but also in terms of height. The value per square metre of shop space is optimal.
  • The point of sales signs can be easily and firmly mounted on the shelving.
  • The signs and the XXL baskets can be seen from a long way off. That draws your customers’ attention and boost your sales.
  • The supplied instructions mean the shelving can easily be erected in a couple of hours.
  • The products are presented very appealingly.