About our certificates The world’s only supplier of certified rattan

Until 2022 it was unimaginable that it would be possible to sell certified rattan products. After a four year process, Van der Sar Import was able to announce that our production process is now officially labelled ‘sustainable’.


That makes us the only supplier in the world who can supply certified rattan products. This certificate covers the entire production process for our rattan baskets. That starts with the harvesting of rattan in the jungle. By giving nature the opportunity to recover, villagers can continue to harvest year after year. By offering them work all year round, they have a regular income. That prevents the deforestation of the valuable jungle.

Because if no rattan can be harvested any more, there is no other source of income for the local population other than cutting down trees. And once those have gone as well, palm oil producers swoop in. They can buy up the land for little money in order to have people work their ‘own’ soil for a meagre wage.

Regular audits

Certification prevents those abuses. The production in the factory is also subject to strict requirements. Regular audits ensure that the natural balance in the jungle and the interests of employees are also safeguarded properly in the long term. They are paid a wage that is excellent by Indonesian standards. Every employee has health insurance, and we serve healthy meals at work. There is no child labour.

The production process for our other natural products – seagrass, jute, palm leaf and recycled cotton – has not yet been certified. However, the production process is scrutinised. Production facilities are visited regularly in order to gain a good picture of the local working conditions.