About our vision and mission Dealing with people and the environment respectfully

Dealing with people and the environment respectfully. Expressed in figures: Van der Sar Import wants to be 100% sustainable.


Our mission

Van der Sar Import wants to develop and market innovative products within a safe, efficient and service-oriented operation with a lot of attention paid to sustainability and the environment. Van der Sar Import strives for a healthy, profitable business. Van der Sar Imports strives for growth, but only if this also makes a contribution to the economic and social development of (poor) people and the environment.

Our vision

Van der Sar Import wants to contribute to the better use of the valuable resources that the planet offers us. This allows us to make a contribution that is not only important for our own generation, but definitely also for the generations to come. Van der Sar Import also wants to show that you can achieve a good business return without having to abandon the sustainable approach.

Our ambition

Van der Sar Import strives for 100% sustainable business practices. We are steadily working towards 100% sustainable products. Sustainable business practices apply not only to the production, but the entire process, from raw materials through to delivery to the customer.


Trucks and container ships that transport our goods still use polluting fossil fuels. When a sustainable alternative becomes available, we will be first in line.


The lining of our baskets is sadly still made of plastic. After all, it usually needs to contain a house plant. We have now found a reasonable solution for the entire basket production. With effect from 1 January 2023, all new baskets will be fitted with linings made of recycled plastic. Another step forward. There are many more steps to come. There’s still a lot to do.

Our strategy

We are working towards 100% sustainable products. We are transparent about the level of sustainability that we have reached so far with each product group. Being good for the environment and giving people a slightly better life are more important to us than a certificate.

Product development
When we expand our range, the choice of the required raw materials is very important. All raw materials used must have a small footprint.

Internal sustainability
This includes our business premises, energy usage, vehicles, insurer and bank.